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Our Story

Co-founder, Krista, was thrilled when she was promoted to Head Nurse and could finally wear her favourite clothes to work. She couldn’t believe how much more powerful she felt wearing the clothes she loved. Patients listened better, people respected her more, and she felt like her light was brighter. 

When hospital rules suddenly changed, she was forced to return to scrubs. She searched everywhere for scrubs that made her feel as confident as she felt before, but she was let down. 

So she talked to her sister, Mary, and they decided that it was time to put an end to the drab, dim scrubs that affect all nurses. They were endlessly grateful for the nurses and doctors who had supported their parents’ battles with cancer and dementia, and knew that nurses and doctors deserved to look and feel as awesome and powerful as they really are. 

With Krista’s 10 year experience in the fashion industry, and Mary’s 15 year experience in finance & business,  the two paired together to design and bring to life a line of scrubs that would look and feel amazing. 

So Happily Scrubbed was born with a mission to elevate all nurses and scrub-wearers. Because it’s time to give nurses the power suit they deserve.